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Our Wellness Heritage... Reclaimed!

We are Heritage Essentials. Our mission is to help others help themselves and their families in living a wellness lifestyle - free from the harsh toxins SO common in commercially-produced household cleaners, air fresheners, and personal care products.
We are dedicated to the proposition that our heritage has been taken away from us... sacrificed at the altar of convenience and corporate profits. What we have been left with are; cheap, toxic products which contain harmful chemicals that accumulate in our bodies over time. We have epidemic levels of dis-ease of which many can be traced back directly to toxic overload of the liver, brain, and other organs. We are living in a time when autistic children are seen as the 'New Normal'. And, degenerative diseases of the nervous system are now commonplace. We are simply not educated on the high price we pay in our health and wellness for these modern man-made conveniences. The time has long-passed, that we 'Reclaim our Natural Wellness Traditions'. (Continue Reading...)

The Essential Beginnings

Have you ever walked along a mountain forest path on a clear Spring morning?.. Ever experienced the full-on fragrance of a pine forest? A natural rose in bloom? A Christmas tree? or perhaps the intoxicating fragrance of night-blooming Jasmine? Or... perhaps you like to pick a flower - just to repeatedly inhale its fragrance as you walk along a nature path?
If you have done any of these things out of the sheer pleasure of it; then you have experienced the therapeutic power of essential oils and essences. These natural, volatile, aromatic compounds are found all over nature - in the seeds, flowers, bark, stems, leaves, and even in the roots of the plants around you. They can be powerfully fragrant and, also powerfully therapeutic.
Each plant has its own ‘signature’ fragrance and, each yields the compounds that endow it with this unique fragrance as well as therapeutic super-powers. (Continue Reading...)

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Forest Path

The Gatekeeper and the Key

"Someone needs to DO something about this! It just isn't right."
That was what the patient said when I told her what I am about to tell you.
What she 'said' and what she 'meant' by saying it, were both a complete shock to me. By suggesting that someone (else?) fix what was happening, she had effectively abdicated all responsibility for her wellness. It was a 'face-palm' moment that has continued to haunt me for over twenty years... "You are the gatekeeper." I told her. "Only you can make the necessary changes" to stop this from happening. (Continue Reading...)

What is That Stuff in Your Cabinets?

The typical American home contains, on average, twenty to thirty cleansers, polishes and, air fresheners. Doing the math, this is approximately 500 KNOWN toxins - of which at LEAST 50 are known carcinogens. (It's ok if you don't believe us... we've made a list)
The majority of essential oils can EASILY be used as effective alternatives to the many chemical cleansers and air fresheners found in most homes. You can literally begin TODAY swapping out every single chemical cleaning toxin in your home to help you live a more natural, pure, and non-toxic lifestyle. And, almost as important; You can do it without breaking the bank! (Continue Reading...)

Danger in your Cabinets

Heritage Essentials

Heritage Essentials