CONGRATULATIONS on Your Decision to Start Your Essential Oils Journey

We are Thrilled that You Have Decided to Join MILLIONS of people in detoxifying your life and enjoying the many wellness benefits of Theraeutic-Grade essential oils.

Getting Started with Young Living Essential Oils is Easy!

A few quick steps will have you up and running in mere minutes. To avoid confusion, and, before you move to the registration pages, let's review the exciting options you will be choosing from.

STEP 1 :: Choose Your Preferred Membership Type

The first decision is which type of membership you wish to use for your new non-toxic, wellness lifestyle.

Young living offers two membership options which meet most peoples' needs. The chart, shown below, compares the benefits of both types of membership options. Once you have made this decision, the rest is fairly easy.

Wholesale vs Retail Benefits

As you can see, the wholesale member option provides members with amazing flexibility and discount options which you can tailor to your specific desires. Neither of the membership options places ANY obligation to sell. But, the retail option does not provide access to some very advantageous benefits, such as Essential Rewards or discounted shipping.

If you have decided that you wish to join as a Retail Customer, forgoing the benefits, discounts and promotions available to Wholesale Members. There is no need to proceed with the other steps. The button below will take you directly to the Young Living web site where you can quickly create your Retail Customer account and, start shopping right away.

    Click Below if You Have Decided to Open a Retail Customer Only Account
    Retail Customers are unable to take advantage of Young Living's generous 24% Discount-for-Life
    as Well as the Other Exclusive Benefits of Wholesale Membership, such as the Essential Rewards Program. You can, however, change your mind later.

  • Yes. Take Me to Retail Customer Account Creation

  • (Account Creation Page Will Open in a New Tab)
Note: Absolutely NO personal data is collected by Heritage Essentials. Any personal data you send during registration is secured, exclusively on Young Living's commerce site.

However, If you have decided to further explore your options as a Wholesale Member, please move on to Step 2 (Below)

STEP 2 :: Choose Your Premium Starter Kit

The next decision is; Which Premium Starter Kit you want to receive in order to best jumpstart your journey.

All new Wholesale Members with Young Living Essential Oils purchase a Shiny-New Premium Starter Kit.
Young Living offers several Premium Starter Kits (PSKs) which place focus on different wellness and home detox plans - as well as providing excellent kits for military members overseas. Take a look at the various starter kits. if you have trouble deciding, or have questions which are not answered, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide answers.

Premium Quality and Premium Value

Young Living's Member Starter Kit Lineup

Life is Full of Difficult Choices!

Choosing Your Starter Kit is One of Them

But, once that difficult decision is behind you, You are 'Essentially' Home-Free!

But, wait... That's not quite correct. There is another optional decision that you need to know about. And, it is completely optional.
But, you really should know about the amazing Essential Rewards option before signing up.

Essential Rewards is COMPLETELY optional. If you wish to learn more later and, just complete your enrollment now,
Just click on the Button (above) to be taken straight to the enrollment page at Young Living Essential Oils.

You can ALWAYS learn about Essential Rewards after ordering your starter kit.

STEP 3 :: Explore Essential Rewards Program (Optional)

The Final decision is whether you wish Join Young Living's Essential Rewards Program now, later, or never.
It is COMPLETELY up to you.

Young Living's Essential Rewards grants the amazing opportunity to receive anywhere from 10% to 25% back in points - based on the 'PV' (Point Value) of your order. This is in addition to your 24% discount that you receive just for being a Wholesale Member.
One Rewards point equals $1.00 (USD) and can be used on any quick order the same as as CASH!
To be quite clear about this, once you start making 25% in Rewards Points, you can parlay them into a WHOPPING 49% discount on items purchased with your points. Think about that for a minute.

My family purchases practically everything possible on our Essential Rewards order.
49% OFF is just TOO good a deal to pass up for the oils that we use every day anyway.

How Does It Work?

Young Living's Essential Rewards Program

Overview:: Essential Rewards Program

  • - As a Whoesale Member, You can Join or Cancel Anytime
  • - Every ER Order Receives Special Shipping Discounts
  • - Special 'Loyalty' Gifts at 3,6,9 and 12 Months
  • - ER Points May Be Used like cash on 'Quick Orders'
  • - Special ER-only Promotional Items (Freebies)
  • - Change Your Order ANY Time
  • - Change Your Payment or Shipping options ANY Time
  • - Minimum for ER Orders is just 50 PV (About $50)
  • - Program Constantly Improving for Loyal Members


Education and Support at every level of participation

Heritage Essentials

So... What Will It Be?

Will You be Joining Team Heritage Today?

The Final answer is COMPLETELY up to you.

You have seen the options. You have done the math. There is no easier or more budget-friendly way to start living with less toxins, increased wellness, and with literally, 'multitudes' of motivated 'oilers' all around the world - who are eager to share what they have learned.

The best part of being a Young Living Essential Oils Wholesale Member is that there is NEVER any pressure to sell or recruit.
You can motor along forever, if you wish... Just living the Oily Life that YOU choose. Go ahead. Click the Button... You know you want to.

We'll Be Right Here When You Need Us.