Young Living's Promise of Purity and Sustainability

Seed to Seal

It's not a slogan. It's a promise kept

Young Living's Seed to Seal Process

Over thirty years ago. D. Gary Young set out on a quest that eventually led to his founding of the original essential oil company in North America. Since that time, his commitment to nature, wellness, and the highest quality products has been a veritable force of nature behind the company known as Young Living Essential Oils. Dr. Young is no longer with us. But, the strict standards of organically cultivated product, unrivalled scientific validation, and multiple, independent and, uncompromising quality controls have continued to be the company's promise to every member and customer of Young Living Essential Oils.

Take a few minutes to learn how Dr. Young's pioneering "Seed to Seal" process guarantees the purest essential oil product standards in the world.

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Built upon the three solid pillars

Sourcing, Science and Standards

1. SOURCING - Organically and Ethically Sourced

The first pillar of Seed to Seal is Sourcing. All planting is done with organically sourced seed-stock. It is imperitive to the purity of the crop that the seed and starter sprouts be from the purest stock. If seed from poorly stewarded crops is used, defects and damage that is passed on in the starter seeds and sprouts would likewise be corrupted. Young Living ensures genetic purity of crop product by FIRST ensuring the purity of the seed stock. Every crop that becomes a Young Living product is organically sourced, cultivated, and harvested by-hand to ensure this part of the chain yields the purest product humanly possible.

2. SCIENCE - Cutting-edge Validation and Development

Young Living's trained scientific staff constantly and consitently employs the most cutting-edge methods to develop all new products, as well as to help ensure the quality of all of our existing products. Both R&D and Quality Assurance teams, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Buch, work in state-of-the-art labs with some of the most advanced scientific equipment available. The constant attention to scientific methods to ensure purity and effectiveness is the modern force behind the second pillar of the promise of purity that is - Seed to Seal

3. STANDARDS - Highest Industry Standards

Part of Young Living's stewardship is to do business responsibly; from sustainably sourcing plants, to uplifting local communities, and to complying with environmental and other laws. Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Matthew French, oversees the Global Compliance Program, helping to ensure that Young Living offers pure product that you can feel confident is contributing to the greater good. The three sections of the Standards pillar are 1) 'Top-Tier' standards which assure the product always sourced from responsible, ethical and legal suppliers. 2) 'Global Compliance' which goes further than ANY government requirements to ensure constant, consistent compliance with laws and standards on a global scale. And, 3) 'Green Leadership' reflects Young Living's deeper commitment to sustainable agricultural and business practices.

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