Young Living's Premium Starter Kit represents decades of research and unrelenting effort to provide new members with the most popular and immediately-useful essential oil products.
Millions of members around the world are ready to share their knowledge of using essential oils in detoxifying your life and enjoying the many wellness benefits of Young Living's wide selection of Theraeutic-Grade essential oils.

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Here, you will find a wide array of Starter Kits to help achieve your wellness goals.

All new Wholesale Members with Young Living Essential Oils purchase a Shiny-New Premium Starter Kit.
Young Living offers several Premium Starter Kits (PSKs) which place focus on different wellness and home detox plans - as well as providing excellent kits for military members overseas. Take a look at the various starter kits. if you have trouble deciding, or have questions which are not answered, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide answers.

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Young Living's Member Starter Kit Lineup

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