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Our Wellness Heritage - Reclaimed

We are Heritage Essentials. Our mission: to help others help themselves and their families to live a wellness lifestyle - free from the innumerable harsh toxins SO common in commercially-produced household cleaners, air fresheners, and personal care products. We are dedicated to reversing the fact that our heritage has been lost, taken away from us, sacrificed at the altar of convenience and corporate profits. What we have been left with instead are cheap, toxic products which contain harmful chemicals that accumulate in our bodies over time. We have been gifted with epidemic levels of dis-ease of which many can be traced back directly to toxic overload of the liver, brain, and other organs. We are living in a time when autism among our children is presented as the 'New Normal.' And, degenerative diseases of the nervous system are now commonplace.

Forest Path

We have not been adequately educated on the high price we pay in the currency of health and wellness for these modern man-made conveniences. The time has long-passed, that we 'Reclaim our Natural Wellness Traditions' and, put ourselves back on the path to a natural wellness lifestyle.


In our world of modern conveniences, luxury lattes, and fully-stocked superstores, we have become accustomed to being able to get "anything, anywhere, at any time." It's not our fault we were raised in a highly developed nation with an excellent distribution network. We love having the ability to go into a store and pick up anything we need for the days, weeks, or months ahead. The problem is not the fantastic capacity of western culture to produce anything we need in abundance. The issue has everything to do with what we have been taught to think we need, what we now think of as proper products to use on our bodies, and what we have been conditioned to use in our homes on a routine basis. All of which, are products bearing little-to-no resemblance to the natural products used by our forebears; and are in fact no more than cheap, toxic, chemical facsimiles which often do significant damage our family's well-being.


Not so long ago, previous generations of westerners had a system of self-care that was passed down from still-earlier generations. It was a system based on natural substances which were blended or distilled to serve a particular purpose in the home, as well as in personal and community wellness. While modern medicine routinely scoffs and dismisses these as 'folk-medicine' or even plain old 'wives-tales' and even superstition, these common remedies were studiously and meticulously documented in the pharmacopeia of several cultures - both East and West.

The products commonly used for wellness, for example, included still familiar substances like; baking soda, vinegar, cider, herbs, and teas, as well as several common and natural oils. The oils I recall from my youth are still around. Lavender, wintergreen, pine spirits (turpentine), lemon oil, and several others. People just don't seem to remember what they are used for any longer.

Contrast this simple medicine cabinet with the plethora of pharmaceuticals and other chemical substances the average American pays to put in their medicine cabinet. We are repeatedly reminded in commercials that; there is no better remedy for your symptoms than what they have for you to spend your money on. The sophistication of these multi-generational campaigns for your mind and your money cannot be underestimated. The techniques used to convince you to buy their product, to disregard any natural options as outdated and obsolete, and finally to see their doctors if you need something stronger to 'feel better' are amazingly effective in convincing us that their way is the easier and most effective way.

But, the truth of the matter is that; no matter what they broadcast into your mind, YOU are in charge. You make the decisions as to what goes into your body, what level of natural health and wellness you choose to utilize, and ultimately, you are in charge of your entire wellness lifestyle - for better or for worse.


Each of the common items in my grandparents' home had several uses. For example; My grandfather worked in the fields all day. He used wintergreen and pine on his aching joints and a big spoonful of baking soda in water. Soon after the baking soda, he often chased it with some apple cider vinegar, which completed the daily routine.

He and my grandmother each had their routines. And, it worked well for them. Even when they didn't, there was always calcium carbonate (seltzer) to take care of that inevitable morning after. My grandfather was a strong man. But, as many men raised during the Great Depression, he had his bad habits. He was 72 when suddenly, his bad habits caught up with him.

My grandmother, bless her soul, was a force of nature. She worked hard well into her 80s. She fought off "the cancer" a couple of times. And, it claimed her at the age of 96.

As I grew up in this nuclear family setting, I noticed one thing that put me on edge. Even then, I wanted to know things. The WHY behind the stuff that happened. And, I always wondered what happened to the smells of apples and oils in their home. It seems that my family was, all of us, victims of "progress" because, as marketing became more overbearing in the 1970's, other (cheaper? more convenient?) products began appearing in my grandparents' home - supplanting the natural with the artificial.

Pharmaceuticals, commercial cleaners, and (GACK!) Tylenol. As these items supplanted the more natural items in our lives, people started feeling more pain and having more problems. A result of supplanting the natural with the artificial. I argue that it wasn't so much age and bad habits that got them, but the sudden departure from their traditional, natural methods of self-care. But, we will never know for sure, will we?

We are ALL victims of this incessant programming that tells us that their cheap poisons are better than nature and many generations of experience. Yes! It was in the 1960s and 1970s when we, as a society, experienced a seismic shift. A movement away from traditional "folk" remedies to a chemical existence which was certainly no better and, more likely, is actually much worse for our health and wellness. And, it was the art and science of marketing and government regulation that made it all possible.


When we, as a culture, hear something hundreds of times, it begins to sound like truth. By the time we are adults, most of us have listened to the catchy slogans and jingles for many pharmaceutical (over the counter) home remedies so many times, that we forget to question whether or not we actually believe what they are saying. This is the voice that says "We know better." "We are the experts; not you." After thousands of exposures to their marketing tactics, it is very difficult not to complete the jingle inside our heads. "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz..." or "How do YOU spell relief?..." As we automatically reach for their (actually NOT cheap) products on the store shelf.

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